Pamela Anderson Knows How To Serve Cake

Pam Anderson gave a a big present to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for his 82nd birthday at the Palms in Las Vegas. (Actually, make that two big presents!)

The Sarah Palin-bashing vixen presented Hef with his birthday cake sans clothing!

New York Daily News reports, “While the lad mag tycoon’s birthday was actually six months back in Las Vegas, fans of the reality show The Girls Next Door got a blurry eyeful—thanks to the censors—when the episode aired Sunday night.” (Hefner’s birthday scene was originally taped in April.)

That’s right, folks; Pam’s legend-makers weren’t fully visible, thanks to small-screen technology. 

Although, while on the subject of 82-year-olds, if it’s major cleavage you’re in search of on the ol’ boob tube…