Paris Hilton + Partying in Vegas = Pregnant?

Paris Hilton, you can’t escape the goodl ol’ CELEBUZZ are-they-or-aren’t-they pregnancy formula!

True, its findings have so far proven to be merely hypothetical, but no matter! A major breakthrough will surely come along in no time!

Hilton, who was partying it up with beau Benji Madden at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend, told People magazine that she would like to have children “soon. Maybe [in] a year or two.”

Further hinting that she could possibly be carrying heiress spawn, Hilton added, “I definitely want three or four [children].”

Well, here’s hoping that if and when she pops a few tykes out, they follow in her super-classy footsteps.

Of course, there’s no telling what surprises might be in store if this turns out to be true.