Russell Crowe and Leonardo: Pals Full of ‘Lies’

Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio star in the new Ridley Scott flick, Body of Lies, and have apparently become fast friends.

They first met on the set of The Quick and the Dead and both managed to fight off the wiles of Ms. Sharon Stone.

We know this because USA Today reports that Crowe thinks DiCaprio still had his v-card while he was making the movie. Gee thanks, Russ.

Crowe claims that DiCaprio has since developed a taste for “beautiful lasses.” Yeah, we know.

Crowe also kept playing a running joke on DiCaprio, in which he would sneeze and then spray mist from an atomizer on DiCaprio when he was in the makeup chair.

Crowe’s really taking over the role—and the appearance—as jolly comedy guy lately.