Spencer Pratt: Mr. Neutrality

Taking a break from his usual combative stance, Hills baddie and taco enthusiast Spencer Pratt told Us that he had nothing to do with the recent scuttlebutt that Lauren Conrad had been hooking up with Audrina Patridge’s part-time beau, Justin Bobby.

Conrad had published a post on her MySpace page over the weekend hinting that Pratt may have been involved in spreading the allegation, which she denies. “Hmmmmmm. I wonder who it could be? I’m baffled,” the post reads. “What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart?”

Pratt replied to the magazine, “The truth is I was asked about this yesterday and chose to say absolutely nothing out of respect for Audrina’s feelings. Why LC continues to bring me up whenever she gets into trouble is beyond me.”

Of course, even in supposed neutrality, the cathode-ray villain couldn’t help but fan the flames a little. “That being said, if it is true what she did with Justin, it doesn’t surprise me. Anyone who watched Laguna Beach saw her trying to steal someone’s boyfriend every week for two years. Honestly, I really think she needs to stop blaming someone who wants nothing to do with her for all of the problems she creates.”

Wow, way to shoot down those accusations, Spencer. Or not.