The Origin of Robert Pattinson’s Self-Declared Alter Ego

Actor/Musician, Robert Pattinson, who will be playing the studly vampire in the highly anticipated flick Twilight, is anything but cocky.

Despite the facts that he’s being labeled as the next Jude Law and can make girls salivate at the wink of an eye or a purse of the lips, R-Pattz has expressed a distaste for the abbreviated nickname that so many of his female fans quiver at the mere sound of.

Not that he’s any more fond of the moniker his mama gave him: “I hate my name,” he said during an interview with MTV last spring. “I hate any reference to my name.”

Robert was encouraged to come up with a nickname that he preferred for himself. And so came the birth of “Spunk Ransom.”

Watch the interview and see how it all went down.

spunk ransom