Holly Madison: Officially Hef-Less

Good news, ladies; Hugh Hefner is officially single. Or at least, he’s not dating Holly Madison anymore. And that’s straight from the Bunny’s mouth.

While What Would Tyler Durden Do originally broke news of the breakup, Holly made it official to a TMZ cameraman last night, in an off-hand kind of way. When the cameraman asked if she could score him an invite to the Playboy mansion’s Halloween party, the back-stabbing Madison let slip that she didn’t have any pull because “Hef and I aren’t together.”

So there it is: Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison are no longer together. If you stumble across a Craigslist ad reading, “Publisher, 82, seeks mid-20s vacuous blonde; must enjoy bathrobes, the smell of pipe smoke and long walks to the pharmacy to refill my Viagra prescription,” you’ll have a pretty good idea who it is.