Lindsay Lohan: Proving She’s ‘Pure’

Clubzone reports that Lindsay Lohan will be hosting a party at Las Vegas’ Pure nightclub on November 7.  Finally.

This is the third party for the Pure conglomerate that Lohan has been scheduled to host. Neither of the first two ever came to fruition.

Young Lindsay was paid many thousands of dollars by Pure to throw her 21st birthday bash at their Caesars Palace club in Vegas.  That shindig was cancelled due to Lohan being locked up in a series of rehabs in the months before the event.

Later, as a makeup gesture, Lohan was set to appear at a New Year vigil at Pure’s LAX nightclub.  Never happened.

And when she turned 22, Lindsay was unable to find anyone to sponsor a celebration.

This November event has a sponsor (Lohan’s 6126 clothing line) and is a partial benefit for ovarian cancer research.

Lohan surely got a discount on the entertainment, which probably helped out.

It pays to have your girlfriend be a famous DJ.