Morning Frills #68: ‘Nic Fit’ Edition

At 44 years old, Nicollette Sheridan’s been around the block. So she knows the proper procedure for dealing with a break-up: Get right out their and flaunt your fine self, letting the world know that you’re back on the market and driving  your ex-boyfriend mad with regret in the process.

And that’s just what the Desperate Housewives temptress did in Malibu recently, parading around on the beach for the cameras and flaunting her remarkably well-preserved form.

Her until-recent beau, Michael Bolton, be have to live with the fact that he no longer has access to this.

But, who cares? The important thing is that Nicollette Sheridan is in a bikini for all the world to see.

Click through the gallery on the right to help Nicollette celebrate her newfound single-dom. Not that she really needs our help.