Audrina Patridge: I Love My…Skinny Jeans

Hills beauty and future small-screen leading lady, Audrina Patridge, is a paparazzi hot commodity these days. 

The reality star can barely go to and from her car without being blinded by the flashbulbs of hordes of photographers, so it’s realitively common for her to pop up on the gossip blogs a few times a day.

More often than not, Audrina is pictured donning her favorite article of clothing: skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans, a trend that burst onto the fashion scene close to two years ago, still remains on the fashion must-have list, probably thanks in part to Audrina’s affinity for them.  The brunette stunner is practically keeping the fad in business all on her own!

Now Audrina is moving on to bigger and better things, but she certainly won’t be taking any steps forward without bringing her collection of skinny jeans along for the ride!

Check out the gallery of your favorite reality starlet rocking those skinnies as she continues to take Hollywood by storm.