Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Hi Celebuzzers,

I am Dr. Tony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon and author of www.Celebritysurgeryblog.com, the most-read blog by a plastic surgeon in the United States.  I’ve appeared on Dr. 90210, The E! Special Celebrity Plastic Surgery: The Good, the Bags, and the Ugly, the Montel Williams Show and in numerous celebrity magazines such as US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, and the National Enquirer.

From time to time I will be contributing my expert opinion in dissecting the “Did they or didn’t they?” of celebrity plastic surgery right here on Celebuzz. 

Today I’m covering a handful of celebrities who have quite obviously gone under the knife and will touch on the procedures they’ve had done.

Who better for a first subject than the famous Lion Woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein?