Jennifer Lopez, the Anti-Diva

Razzie Award-winning actress Jennifer Lopez revealed so much of herself in an interview on the Daily Beast, that the piece has become the gift that keeps on giving.

For instance, when asked why she thinks she has the reputation for being a diva, J.Lo replied, “Once you have a lot of success, you become a target in many ways…I just think that the whole diva thing is a misrepresentation of who I am. I think some of that is because of where I came from.”

Uh, are you sure it’s not because you expect people to care for your twins 24/7 while you slink around Europe in a bikini?

“I came from the Bronx and a certain background. I worked really hard. I kept my focus on the right things. And still, even with that, they find stuff to pick on.”

Working hard, Jennifer…or hardly working?

Sounds like this little diva’s not being truthful about how much free time she has these days!