Morning Frills #69: ‘Winging It’ Edition

Often lost among the hearty and satisfying items on the Hooters menu is the fact that their waitresses aren’t too bad-looking at all.

Perhaps to remedy this situation, the restaurant chain is releasing its 2009 Hooters Swimsuit Calendar, the launch for which was held at Manhattan’s Restaurant in New York last night.

On hand to celebrate the release were several of the Hooters girls featured in the calendar, including Stephanie Belknap, Nicole Siglar and the intriguingly named Sara Hoots.

Now you can have your fill of succulent breasts, legs and thighs every day of the year, without experiencing a negative effect on your waistline. Which isn’t to say that swelling may not occur elsewhere.

Click through the gallery on the right for a nine-course feast of Hooters calendar girls. Go ahead; chicken out!