Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Find Zac Efron to Be All That

Ashley Tisdale tells Seventeen that she has never crushed on High School Musical 3 co-star Zac Efron—and vice-versa.

Us reports: “I’ve never been attracted to Zac, and he’s never been attracted to me—which is even more amazing! Ha!” Seriously amazing! Modest, much?

Ash seems to be over her insecurity.

“He always says I look hot, and I’m like, ‘Aw, thanks Zac,’ ” adds suddenly secure Ashley. “But really, it’s more like siblings than a flirty relationship—he’s seriously like my brother.”

Is this dismissive chatter designed to piss off Efron’s girl, Vanessa Hudgens?

Tisdale claims Efron tells her that she looks hot? Those are fighting words!

High School Musical 4: Chickfight!