Audrina’s New Bad Boy

Gosh Audrina, what’s so bad about a good guy?

The wanton Hills star, damaged from the dissolution of her Justin Bobby romance and Lauren Conrad’s lacking communication skills, has found shelter in yet another guy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Next up on Patridge’s plate—Josh Christopher, an LA-based clothing designer with a personal history as checkered as a plaid bandana.

“Josh can be crazy,” a source tells us of Christopher, who designers a womensline called Daftbird, “he’s got a temper. One second he’s fine, the next he loses it. It’s like a switch.”

Moreso, Christopher loves his ladies.

“He brags about how many women [he’s intimate with],” the source tells Celebuzz.

While Audrina moves on and up, for now it seems she can’t shake her taste for bad boys.