Christie Brinkley Wants to Restrain Her Ex

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s divorce proceedings were ugly enough for anyone, but apparently there’s still room for more hard feelings.

Newsday reports that Brinkley attempted to obtain a restraining order in Suffolk County, New York, against Cook yesterday.

She sought to suspend his weekend visitation rights with the estranged couple’s two children, Sailor and Jack.

Brinkley argued that an interview with Cook that’s scheduled to air on 20/20 Friday would be inappropriate viewing for the kids.

“[H]e can’t expose [his children] to the 20/20 broadcast,” Brinkley’s attorney, Robert Cohen, said in a statement, adding that the interview amounted to a “distorted one sided view of his marriage.”

Cook’s attorney, Jim Winkler, countered that the order was unnecessary. His client had no intention of viewing the interview with the children during their visit. “Mr. Cook agreed that he would take the children away for the weekend and not expose them to the interview,” Winkler noted.

Acting State Supreme Court Justice Mark Cohen agreed, striking down Christie’s request.

Maybe Peter and the kids can rent Kramer vs. Kramer instead; it couldn’t be any more damaging than what they’re already being exposed to by their parents.