David Archuleta Is About to Get Azoff

David Archuleta Is About to Get Azoff-photo

Things are really starting to look up for American Idol runner-up David Archuleta. First he's seen running around town with a hot piece of tail. Now, according to EW.com, he's signed a contract with musical kingmakers Azoff Management, whose clientele includes the Eagles, Christina Aguilera and Neil Diamond.

Naturally, David's control-freak dad, Jeff Archuleta, is cut in for a piece of the action. He'll be co-managing his kid's work affairs with Azoff's Jared Paul, who also handles Nick Lachey and New Kids on the Block.

The deal comes as Archuleta prepares for the November 11 release of his debut album.

Congratulations, David! As any artist will tell you, having the right people in your corner is essential to building a solid career.



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  • love

    Amen to that!

  • davviearchuleta

    hispanicatthedisco, *laughs* shut up idiot! Jeff Archuleta is wonderful father and all the rumors were untrue and lies. So stop being rude to lil' Davvie! I can bet ur either a David Cook or Jonas Brothers fan, he'll have a longer career than both of them. I still like Cookie and all, he's just good though. Jonas Brothers....good voice...bad role models. Davvie is a wonderful role model and an absolutely phenomatastic singer! STOP BEING SUCH A HATER! I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA DN HIS WONDERFUL ALBUM!

  • archuleta1718

    stop bein rude 2 archie!!!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Dance, monkey, dance!