Efron Wants Depp, DiCaprio to Call

Hey Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, give Zac Efron a shout—he’s hard up for some advice.

The High School Musical star confesses to EW his fantasies of sitting the A-listers down to “pick their brains about their early careers.”

Hear that, Vanessa Hudgens? Now you know what to get him.

Efron thinks they’ve maneuvered well in an industry littered with wrong-turns.

“They do it because they love it, not because they enjoy being famous. You have to have good foresight and be really careful. If you don’t adapt and learn at a very young age, you can really mess up,” he tells the mag.

His Me and Orson Welles director Richard Linklater thinks he’s headed in the right direction.

“”He’s actually a bit of a poker player. He comes in all nice and then he just takes your money. I think you underestimate Zac at your own peril,” Linklater said.