Leona Lewis Says ‘No Thanks’ to Fur

Leona Lewis puts her money where her mouth is—or rather, where her fur isn’t.

The “Bleeding Love” singer and PETA’s World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity has brushed off a £1million offer to open department store Harrods summer sale, due to the fact that the emporium carries fur items.

The Daily Mail reports that Lewis, who has been a vegetarian since she was 12, said, “I’m totally against animal cruelty. I don’t have clothes, shoes or bags made from any animal products.”

Harrods is the only department store in the United Kingdom that continues to sell fur.

In lieu of Lewis’ refusal, Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall will take the gig.

Careful, Kim; those PETA folks can get pretty ruthless when celebrities don’t see things their way. They might even resort to calling you mean names.