Paris Hilton’s Heroic Spin

Paris Hilton’s former BFF Nicole Richie isn’t the only one performing selfless acts these days.

The Sun reports that Hilton bravely stepped in at London nightclub Jalouse to spin platters when the club’s scheduled DJ,  Daisy Lowe, dropped out at the last minute.

Lowe bailed from the gig when she found out that her ex-boyfriend, producer Mark Ronson, was on the guest list for the Cuervo Platino-sponsored soiree.

Luckily, Paris was making a highly uncharacteristic club appearance and stepped up to the wheels of steel.

According to a club source, “Daisy pulled out less than an hour before her set…When Paris heard she gamely got up and spun a wicked techno set. It was amazing considering she had no forewarning.”

The source adds, “The crowd went crazy for her—they loved it.”

Wow, maybe Paris really is a superhero.

Careful not to overextend yourself, Paris; that can be dangerous for a woman in your condition.