Reality TV’s Sticky Situation

Reality TV’s race to the bottom just got a little bit deeper—and messier.

Dlisted reports that a casting notice has gone out for a series that will feature a “female celebrity who wants to have a baby but does not have a man in her life. Multiple episode show for major cable network will help her find the ideal sperm donor and then get pregnant. Process will include the finest fertility doctors. All inquiries will be kept private and confidential.”

Why stop there? How about making the sperm donor a celebrity too? There must be plenty of famous guys out there willing to share their seed, for one reason or another.

But more importantly, which show-biz femme will step up to the turkey baster? The supposedly baby-crazy, currently single Jennifer Aniston? Too-busy-for-relationships Tyra Banks? Or perpetually unlucky-in-love funnylady Kathy Griffin?

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