Advanced Partying with Prince

What does it take for the Purple One to party? An insurance policy that his time won’t be wasted on lame crowds, bad music and low-rent vibes.

Celebuzz has learned that Prince, inspiration to many a burgeoning starlet, employs what he calls an “advancer,” a quality controller of sorts, to guarantee an atmosphere worthy of his presence.

“The advancer scopes out the place,” a source reveals. “They look for a good scene, vibe, and music. This has to be done before Prince enters.”

Last night in New York City, an advancer was hard at work, checking up on new Lower East Side hotspot the Eldridge.

The scout gave the green light for Prince to roll into the lounge, which has a maximum occupancy of about 85, at around 1 a.m., with five bodyguards and a handful of personal guests.

And even more a compliment from The Artist than his mere attendance? The music passed his inspection.

Prince, who travels around the clock with a personal DJ, Rashida, actually approved the club’s house man—DJ Mel DeBarge.

“He gave Mel a thumbs up, which is a huge deal.”

After last call, Prince packed up the entourage and hit club Butter for fourth meal—a late-night buffet and more dancing.

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