Christina Applegate Finally Gets a Hug from Ellen

Breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday and admitted that, despite returning to work on Samantha Who? five weeks after her second surgery, “I had a protection wall [on set], so that no one was pushing me.

“I was really … afraid of people hugging me,” Applegate told Ellen, referring to last month’s televised Stand Up To Cancer benefit, which both women appeared on. “People are really huggy at those things.”

Between that and the Emmys, Christina must have had a lot of hugs to deflect!

“I apologise. I hugged you,” said DeGeneres.

No doubt Ellen’s probably feeling a little extra hug-happy in these blissful, post-wedding days. But, being a good sport, Christina replied, “I’m good. I’ll grab ya.”

And that she did!