Jamie Lynn Spears: The Pregnancy Debate Continues

The National Enquirer is standing by its story that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant with her second child, despite public claims from unnamed relatives that the story is false.

The tabloid is now claiming an anonymous family member is supporting the story and saying that her fiance Casey Aldrige is furious over the unplanned pregnancy. And that the rest of her family is allegedly urging her to terminate.

“Jamie Lynn is being pressured by people very close to her to abort. But no decision has been made yet,” says the source. “Casey is furious. Jamie Lynn hadn’t told him about the pregnancy. He learned about it in the media and then confronted her and she told him it was true.”

Jamie’s mom Lynne Spears is also supposed to be “livid” over the impending child, and has been “arguing nonstop” with Jamie over the telephone. Lynne is currently on a book tour.

New and improved older sis Britney Spears needs to step in and handle this crisis!