Jennifer Lopez Lawyers Up Over Breakdown Interview

So, remember those revealing Jennifer Lopez interview bits—the ones about her suffering a nervous breakdown, being slapped with the “diva” label and sending her kids to Scientology school?

It turns out writer Kevin Sessums—who interviewed Jen for Elle then recycled the unused quotes on newly-launched website The Daily Beast—has provoked the wrath of J.Lo.

“We’re very unhappy about it, and think it was poor judgement on his [Sessums] part,” Lopez’s rep said in a statement, according to Entertainmentwise. “As long as we have represented Jennifer, we have never heard her refer to having a breakdown of any sort.”

A letter was apparently shot over to the Daily Beast from Jennifer’s lawyers, and the site retaliated with a statement of its own: “The story accurately reports what Kevin Sessums learned from Ms. Lopez in his interview. He owns the story and The Daily Beast was happy to publish it.”

Look, pipe down, J.Lo…why don’t you just go run it off?