Keira Knightley, Reluctant Nudist

Keira Knightley doesn’t take nudity lightly.

The lusciously lippy actress—who’s peeled down for films such as Atonement and her latest movie, The Duchess—tells Glamour in its November 2008 issue that she’s comfortable going bare on screen, as long as there’s a reason for it.

“I certainly wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t…I detest unnecessary nudity and what it says about women in society,” the hot young actress says. “I think you see a lot of films where, Oh, yes, the woman gets her t*ts out again and runs around naked for no reason. And you kind of go, Ugh, do we have to?”

Attention Hollywood screenwriters: You are hereby challenged to come up with reasons for Keira Knightley to take off her clothes on film. And make sure they’re valid reasons, because Keira is not a big fan of unnatural puffery.