Nicole Richie: Domestic Goddess

Perhaps some of you remember Nicole Richie as the stick-thin, Simple Life, drug-using, partying, fighting, driving-the-wrong-way-on-the-freeway celebutard.

Well, that was ages ago. People reports that being a mom to Harlow Madden has caused Nicole to settle herself down and get past all that.

She’s living a quiet life with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden and their baby. They even started a charity together.The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation.

But what seems to ground Richie most is preparing meals for Harlow.

“Food tastes better coming from your Mom because it’s made with love,” Richie says.

“Her first food was sweet potatoes and she loved it. She ate the whole thing and it was all over the place – in her hair, on her nose, everywhere!”

Which is how Nicole used to look after one of her all night party binges. But things change!