Sink Your Teeth Into Another 'Twilight' Trailer

Sink Your Teeth Into Another 'Twilight' Trailer-photo

Had enough Twilight yet? Has your interest faltered ever so slightly? No? Good, because there's yet another trailer for the upcoming romantic thriller.

Trailers one and two gave fans a little taste of the drama, intrigue, and enough Robert Pattinson to make your heart skip 10 beats. Now double that.

The two-minute-and-23-second trailer will satisfy every Twilight craving, quench that Rpattz thirst and satiate the daily excruciating hunger for more blood-sucking vampires.

Twilight Trailer



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  • becca

    Hottest trailer ever. Can you link to the myspace version so we hvae a chance of breaking the record set by Indiana Jones of most watched trailer in 1 week. Please update it to show the myspace version. Thank you.