Winner vs. Loser: Angelina Jolie Dominates Holly Madison

No one was sure what Angelina Jolie would look like after her first summer with her twins, especially with the rampant rumors about her postpartum depression and of non-stop fighting with Brad Pitt. Of course, this week the couple proved all the haters wrong:

  • She arrived in New York City this weekend, and despite the sketchy nature of the first paparazzi pictures, she still managed to look radiant and healthy
  • The next day at The Changeling premiere, she showed off her smokin’ hot, post-preggers body and two tasteful new tattoos
  • Of course, she has to appear humble, so she stopped in New Orleans to do some charity work with her entire clan. 
  • Those expecting to spot her in the U.S. are outta luck, as she’s already back in France! Is there anything she can’t do?
  • One thing is for sure, she’s the hottest breast-feeder, like, ever!
If anyone’s jealous of Angie, it’s Holly Madison. After years of hanging out with a certain elder gentleman in hopes of becoming a very rich mommy, her plastic hopes have shattered into teensy bits all over the Playboy mansion: