Angelina Jolie Purses Lips in Approval of Obama

It seems Angelina Jolie’s A-list gaze of approval has fallen upon democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

In an interview with German Vanity Fair, Angelina lets on that she vibes with Obama’s intentions abroad as well as his politics regarding her ever-growing brood.

“Obama is fighting for international justice, he wants to intervene militarily in genocides abroad, and he wants to close down Guantanamo Bay,” Jolie told VF. “They are things which could move me to vote for him, not his roots. Of course, an American president like Barack Obama would be great for my family.”

And just because the actress and her beau Brad Pitt have a United Nations policy when it comes to adopting doesn’t mean they aren’t patriotic.

I am very proud of being American, and all my children have got American passports,” said Jolie.

Although those American paparazzi are something she could live without, she says she’s all sorts of grateful, despite the lack of normalcy in her mommy routine.

Would I like to be able to wander around Manhattan and buy them an ice cream like other mothers? Of course. But it is not possible…[b]ut I am very grateful for our life and everything that we have,” she said.