How to Live Like…Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester, of the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl, has shot to fame as one of Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities.

The 22-year-old beauty plays Blair Waldorf, the scheming New York socialite who occupies her time by sabotaging the lives of those who threaten her position as the queen bee.

While it may seem that Leighton’s character mirrors her real-life persona, with her designer brand clothing and perfectly put together appearance, the starlet’s upbringing was not quite that of an Upper East Side princess.

Leighton overcame serious odds to reach her A-list status, but here she is, sitting atop her Tinseltown throne, looking down on all the little people who only dream of a life as glamorous as hers.

Celebuzz digs up the dirt on how Leighton stays so fabulous!


Leighton has become a fixture on the Hollywood red carpets; so it’s no rare occasion to see the gossip girl showing off that perfectly slim body of hers. 

For any envious ladies out there, Leighton credits her goddess-like physique to a rotation of three different cardio routines, 20 minutes each.  She’s a fan of biking, roller blading and running.

It’s nice to see a celeb who knows how to get thin without reaching the point of frightening emaciation!


Even though Leighton is a natural beauty, with her unique features, flawless skin and flowing tresses, there are still those products that she just couldn’t live without! 

The actress spilled on some of her favorites in the August 2008 issue of Lucky magazine.

  • Lip Fusion Lip Plump Color Shine in Sweet and Sexy.

“I can’t even count how many shades of lip gloss I own.  I’ll start my day off with something light, and by the end, I’ve piled on five different colors and have full-on red lips.”

  • Paula Dorf Eye Primer

“I put this on before my eyeshadow, and it keeps everything from getting clumped in the creases.”


Leighton’s been all over the place with her recent emergence as a Hollywood superstar.  From gracing the covers of a mulitude of magazines, to guest starring on HBO’s Entourage, to putting out her first album, it’s hard to imagine how the fashionista gets any down time.

Somehow she does it though, finding a spare moment here and there to hang with her actor boyfriend, Sebastian Stan or hit up friend and co-star, Blake Lively’s movie premiere

Leighton Meester really does it all!


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