VIDEO: Britney Spears Is a Triple Threat in 'Womanizer'

VIDEO: Britney Spears Is a Triple Threat in 'Womanizer'-photo

Despite what anyone thinks of the actual song, the video for Britney Spears' new single "Womanizer" is easily one of her best ever. The girl's even got her old moves back!

Directed by Grammy-winning music video vet Joseph Khan, "Womanizer" depicts Brit enacting a lot of bump-and-grind revenge on a hapless, uh, womanizer, apparently.

The clip premiered last night on ABC's 20/20, during the show's last segment. The "Womanizer" single has been the top download on iTunes since it was made available this past Tuesday.

Will it manage to be Britney's second #1 hit—after 1999's "...Baby One More Time"—when next week's Billboard chart is released?

Either way expect a lot of pop fans to be heading to the Circus in December!



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  • timmy

    ^ digusting hater.

  • Cal

    The only tripple threat I see is her saggy tripple chin. She's the most disgusting female celeb ever. Acting like she still has it and playing the seductress that this aging matron is not, only makes her the more disgusting and unattractive. Her perfume should not be called "Hidden Fantasies", it should be called "Obvious Delusions".