Miley and the Tizz Ring in Good Times

What’s a girl to do when both she and her best friend are moguls in training, with lives scheduled by the blowout? Get tokens of their everlasting bond, obvi!

That’s the route High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale took to secure BFF status with teen crooner Miley Cyrus. The pair now sport identical Hidalgo rings in red enamel, decorated with gold horseshoes.

“OMG, I need to get one one of these for Ashley,” Miley said during a recent retail stop, spotting the $1,417 ring.

OK! Magazine reports that Miley added them to her growing collection of horseshoes. (Tizz shares the same hobby!)

“They’re really close,” a source tells the mag. “This is their little way to say, ‘Hi.’ With their crazy schedules, it’s how they stay connected.”