Sneak Peak at Robert Pattinson’s Next Flick: ‘Little Ashes’

Robert Pattinson, the incredibly celebrated star of the upcoming film Twilight, has more up his sleeve than is known by the general public.

Once the Twilight craze dies down (if that’s a possibility), Robert won’t be leaving his fans hanging.  In 2009, Robert’s flawless face will grace the silver screen as legendary artist Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.

Little Ashes is the untold story of Dali’s relationship with revered poet Frederico Garcia Lorca, played by Javier Beltran.  The film documents the transition of the two young artists from close friends to intimate lovers; a claim that Dali vehemently denied up until his death.

Devoted Pattinson fans will be seeing the messy-haired heartthrob in an entirely new light, with rumored guy-on-guy sex highlights, and even a possible Pattinson masturbatory scene.

This could be Robert’s chance to prove himself as the Johnny Depp-like actor fans claim him to be.  

As of yet, the film is only scheduled for distribution in the UK. Hopefully U.S. RPattz lovers will be gifted with a release date too!