Brad Pitt’s ‘Benjamin Button’ Cost Lousiana $27 Million

Just over three years ago, the state of Lousiana was dealt with $81.2 billion in damages when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and flooded 80 percent of the city.

And now, according to the New York Times, Louisiana has shelled out more than $27 million in tax money to the upcoming Brad Pitt movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

“Residents are financing a hefty share of Brad Pitt’s next movie—$27,117,737, to be exact, which the producers will receive by cashing or selling off valuable tax credits,” reports the Times.

Opinions differ as to whether the production of Button has generated any money for the state.

“All areas of the state have prospered as a result; everyone sees it,” said Sherri McConnell, director of Louisiana’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

“There’s no way you can say this makes money for the public,” counters Greg Albrecht, chief economist for Louisiana’s legislative fiscal office.

And while Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie have professed their love of New Orleans’ French Quarter, local taxpayers may be fighting mad when they hear how much bike-pedaling Brad’s latest flick has cost them.