Celebrities Enjoy the ‘Circus’ for Diesel

Celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Joel and Benji Madden, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen and Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams partied down at Diesel’s global event, “Rock N’ Roll Circus,” on Saturday.

Whudat.com reports that Diesel held simultaneous parties in Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Helsinki, London and Sao Paulo.

Saturday night’s party at Brooklyn’s Pier 3 included artists such as M.I.A., T.I., N.E.R.D (it was an acronym sort of thing), Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand and Chaka Khan (one of these kids is doing their own thing) entertaining a crowd of 5,000.

The thin and trying way too hard Taylor Momsen was overshadowed by Lindsay Lohan working the scene, but minus right-hand woman Samantha Ronson.

This is worrisome. Are they okay? Is there trouble on Lesbos? Should there be a gay intervention?

You can’t exist with your girlfriend physically attached to you and then show up to an event without her. It’s cause for speculation!