‘High School Musical’ Stars Get no Bathroom Privacy

The stars of High School Musical 3: Senior Year revealed at a recent press conference that they can’t even use the facilities without crazed fans hitting them up for autographs.

People reports that the cast each has a story involving a toilet stall and someone shoving a pen and paper at them.

“I was at an In-N-Out … and I was actually going to the bathroom and [people] put their napkins underneath the stall!” Ashley Tisdale exclaimed. That’s not sanitary.

Possible flasher Zac Efron’s chick Vanessa Hudgens says the same thing has happened to her, but she “finished” her “business” before signing.

And it isn’t just the girls who’ve experienced this transgression. So have Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron.

“I think being asked for an autograph while you’re at the urinal is definitely one of the oddest experiences,” Bleu says.

True. And sort of alarming.