Jason Dolley: Meet the Disney

Jason Dolley is one of the stars of the hit Disney show Cory in the House.

Born July 5, 1990, in Simi Valley, California, the blond actor started his career when he was just 11, in the aclaimed short film Chasing Daylight. Mel Gibson acknowledged the young talent, and he cast Jason in the ABC TV series Complete Savages.

Now Jason plays Newt Livingston on the hit Disney show, acting alongside co-star Kyle Massey. He also appeared on the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen.

It’s not all work and no play for the cute 18-year-old. He’s chummy with the ever-friendly Miley Cyrus, and, like many other Disney stars, he’s a regular church-goer

Check out a recent interview with Jason: