Madonna Gets Celebs 'Sticky & Sweet' in NYC

Madonna Gets Celebs 'Sticky & Sweet' in NYC-photo

Madonna brought her "Sticky & Sweet" extravaganza to New York City's Madison Square Garden last night. And the celebs followed.

Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Kelly Ripa, Nascar champion Jeff Gordon and a surprisingly sane-looking Juliette Lewis were all spotted entering the arena.

Sarah Palin appears to still be uninvited to the party.

The paying witnesses were treated to a two-hour spectacle complete with Madonna in a top hat and fishnets, belting out pop anthems old and new.

The only thing that could have improved this show was if Madonna called Juliette on to the stage to work out some of her Scientology contortionist rock 'n' roll dance moves.

Because Juliette rocks.



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  • Kat

    Madonna doesn't lip-synch, she never has. Lover her!

  • jharv

    Juliette Lewis is a crazy LRHer, but I'd rather pay to watch her eat a peanut butter sandwich, than watch that tired old bag in the stupid sunglasses lip-synch and celebrate her own selfish bitch ass. She looks like she escaped the old folks home and stole a little girl's sunglasses. Whore.

  • buzzgent

    I like when Xenu's battleship flies out of Juliette's p****y!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Why's everyone always hating on Juliette Lewis? She's a perfectly delightful human being.