Naomi Watts Is Pregnant and Edgy

Holy cripes, Naomi Watts! Don’t you know that you’re pregnant?

Despite her with-child state, slap-happy Watts hit the streets with baby daddy Liev Schrieber over the weekend on a Vespa scooter. She seemed oblivious to the fact that one pothole could spill her onto the pavement, endangering her bundle-of-joy-to-be.

And what of Liev? A guy who’s in contention for the World’s Most Sensitive Dad award should be a little smarter about this sort of thing.

Seriously, Naomi; obviously you and Liev are flexing your eco-consciousness with your high-MPG mode of transportation.

But your SUV would be a much safer conveyance for a pregnant woman, and it’s a hybrid to boot. The tree-huggers probably wouldn’t sweat you for using it. 

As far as parental decisions go, this isn’t the worst in the world, but it might just crack the Top 10.