Shannen Doherty: Doing It For the Fans

Hottie owner Shannen Doherty’s triumphant return to her former zip code at the CW’s 90210 was spurred by her love for the fans who have supported her throughout her career.

Radar reports that Doherty originally had no wish to ever bring Minnesota transplant and accomplished shrieker Brenda Walsh to the small screen again after leaving the original series at the end of its fourth season.

“As an actor, to go back and play a character that I had already, in my opinion, exhausted … like, what’s the challenge?” she said.

“I’ve worked for 27 years, steadily, thanks to very loyal fans. What’s the one way to say thank you? To play a character that you thought you’d never play again in the one show they want to see.”

Plus, the gossip hater reportedly made $50,000 an episode. More than enough reason to spar with Kelly Taylor again.