Simon Cowell Isn’t Hurting for Cash

Botox fan Simon Cowell likes to get his shop on at upscale London department store Harvey Nichols. And, he can certainly afford it.

Now-departed American Idol exec producer Nigel Lythgoe was quoted by the New York Post as saying Cowell’s co-judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul’s “[salaries have] never been advertised and Simon has been in Forbes which is why I am talking about it.”

Lythgoe credits Simon’s $36 million-a-year salary to Mr. Nasty’s “brilliant” negotiating skills, and his avoiding getting locked into a multi-year contract.

“Why is he getting more than the other two judges? Because it is believed that he brings more to the table.”

And if you break it all down, that means Cowell earns $22,000 a minute on Idol.

Pop back into Harvey Nick’s, Simon—you can afford two sweaters.