Which Is Your Favorite Robert Pattinson?

Which Is Your Favorite Robert Pattinson?-photo

Okay all you devoted Robert Pattinson fans; Celebuzz is giving you the chance to really give your input!

With the Twilight star's flawless bone structure, tousled hair, and mouthwatering pout, it has been decided that Robert's main profile page picture doesn't quite do him justice.

Celebuzz has selected three photos that we feel are worthy of his facial perfection.  Have your say on that matter and vote in the poll to the right. 

If you feel that none of those pictures do the job, then have a look through his profile photo gallery, or take a look at the gallery to the right and drop a few comments!



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  • werewolfchick24

    i love u alex, u are so sexy that i cant stand it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marta [Poland]
    Marta [Poland]

    omG! I think that photos are not enough... sometimes i think that he's too certain and Top-lofty, but it does not change in fact that he's a good actor :) P.S. When he come to Poland? I just want to meet Him;) Pozdrawiam! ;*

  • ıce

    ahhh robb ahhh girme bee artik ruyalarımaa bıktım her tarafta yuzunu gormekkktennnn acı verıyosun artık bana

  • yoyoyo@hotmail.com

    who is the vman or whatever its called

  • bigmama101@hotmail.com

    edward or robert pattinson is SO HOT

  • emi

    Thanks for giving us the image we wanted.

  • darkrose

    Either the middle shot or even better the VMAN image. Hand or no hand its a wonderful shot.

  • wibble

    The VMAN one is great. Can we change it again when the EW cover comes out. There might be even better ones then. He's also doing the Vanity Fair Magazine for the December issue.

  • Melissa

    Vman---absolutely! the color shot is fabulous ...but I love the wicked black and white with fangs. What spunk! He's so devilish!

  • demonbarber

    I'm undecided. I love the first two fromt he poll but the hair is too much of a distraction. I know fans love it messy but its a bit too messy for me. Shame though as his face is stunning. I like the VMAN one but his hand obliterates so much.

  • ruthie

    How do you decide what to do . The middle shot is winning but some people have commented on the VMA one.

  • ruthie

    I like the first two options but agree the VMA on is more apt.

  • wendyn

    VMAN for me as well. Love that shot.

  • torez

    SO I think wee can safely say the above poster has at last 3 different accounts. Yawn

  • jharv

    Can I choose the one that doesn't look like he has semen in his hair?

  • bawwow

    I'd like to see that film

  • hispanicatthedisco

    My favorite shot isn't included in these selections, it's the publicity still from his little-known adult film, Shaving Ryan's Privates.

  • bawwow

    what i would give to stare into his beautiful eyes every day of my life...wait i do that already

  • janey

    I agree it has to be the VMAN shot. Becca's profile. Any of Rob's fansites should have the larger vrsison.

  • Leah

    I agree, the Vman ones are absolutely adorable. You should use one of them! But I like all of his pictures, I can't choose. My god he is such a gorgeous man.

  • dev

    Becca's profile image please for Rob. I love that photo.

  • becca

    I'm not picking from the 3 either as I like the VMAN one. Its my profile photo.

  • torez

    I like the VMAn one too. I take it we man the one at the shoot where thy also used fansg. The one with his hand near his face is adorable. I'll upload a few other choices as well.

  • dancodesigns

    I don't like any of them, can you use a pic where his hair is actually brushed?

  • jmarcs

    yeah but the first one shows his devilish charm!!! don't overlook that!

  • andreab

    The VMAN is a brilliant on. I'll upload it too incase we arent talking about the same one. I like the mid one of the poll choices but it doesnt show the devilish charm he has. It does show his warmth though.

  • buzzgent

    VMan shots are the best ones.

  • emi

    Ok I've uploaded the VMAG one now. Its a lovely shot. Loved by many.

  • emi

    There are so many to choose from I feel spoilt. Everyonr seems to love the colour shot of him done for the VMAN. Where his hand is near his face. I'll go and find it and upload it. I think you'll find that popular.