Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson: On the Rocks?

Is it just the stockings, Lindsay, or is your relationship with porkpie aficionado Samantha Ronson going to holes?

The media abroad is predicting a lady love implosion for Lilo and Sam, citing a series of big time fights between the pair.

The past weeks have seen a firestorm of Michael Lohan decrying Samantha as the Lucifer, using Lindsay for her own gains. Now it seems to be the blonde actress causing Sam trouble with her inclination for men and a good table dance.

“Lindsay still likes men as well as women; she’s still caught up in her partying ways,” a source tells one outlet. “If these two are going to be together for the long term, Lindsay is the one who’s going to have to change, calm down, and get real. Sam’s made that very clear to her.”

What’s not very clear is this—if these fights are actually happening, what makes them different from the couple’s long history of possessiveness, upswings and bullying tactics

Are the gals opening new wounds, or simply trading salt as usual?