Madonna’s Gun Show

Madonna took some time off from her “Sticky & Sweet” tour stop in NYC to focus on her other project—her directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom.

She hosted a premiere in Manhattan last night—which Brooke Shields, Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick and Lindsay Lohan showed up to—and was sporting some very unusual (and potentially deadly) shoes. Madge’s Chanel platforms had small guns as heels.

The shoe design was reportedly envisioned by Chanel mastermind Karl Lagerfeld and will be available in high-end department stores worldwide.

When the shoes originally debuted on the runway, they were made of actual gun casings.

The Daily Mail reports that the version sold in stores will have guns made of an acrylic/plexiglass blend.

Madonna, being a global icon, obviously got the original version. So let’s hope she doesn’t do a high kick and blow someone’s head off by mistake. Or on purpose.

She can be demanding, after all.