Morning Frills #73: ‘Maxim-um Audrina’ Edition

What’s not to love about Audrina Patridge? She has lots of money, she doesn’t mind dating dirtbags, she likes her gin, and, though she doesn’t often let this fact be known, she looks pretty good in a bikini.

Ergo, Audrina is receiving the rare honor of appearing in Morning Frills a second time, which is even better than winning two Nobel prizes.

Patridge recently peeled out of her ever-present skinny jeans to pose half-naked for the cameras of Maxim magazine. She also granted an interview, which isn’t all that important, because it’s doubtful that Audrina, articulate as she is, could make a more profound statement than this with mere words.

Click through the gallery on the right for more poignant expressions from Audrina. She has a lot to share with the world.