Pamela Anderson Locks Chests with Katie Price

Pam Anderson is getting pretty cranky lately.

Being an animal activist, it’s understandable that she’d be up in arms over Jessica Simpson’s man/beef-eating ways.

And, well, perhaps like so many other celebrities, she’s just not really into the policies of republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But her latest victim could well be her British doppelgänger: U.K. glamor model, authoress and horse rider Katie Price, a/k/a Jordan.

After viewing Katie’s reality show Katie & Peter: Unleashed in England—which often has scenes containing the chesty Brit’s three children—the Daily Mail notes that Pam quipped, “I’ve no idea how Jordan became famous. She shows off her kids all the time in TV shows—that’s beyond low.”

Ouch! That slam could probably be heard all the way over in Silicon Valley.

Maybe Pam would be happier if she stopped tussling with other folks and regained a sense of her inner child. That might not be a bad thing for her to explore.