Prince to Concertgoers: ‘Cell, No!’

Party expert and Rihanna lookalike Prince nearly pulled the plug on a recent charity concert, when attendees—who included Dave Chappelle, Spike Lee, Anderson Cooper, Howard Stern and Dennis Rodman—couldn’t pull themselves away from their phones, according to the New York Post.

The diminutive rocker was scheduled to play a gig benefiting Love 4 One Another on the rooftop of Manhattan’s Gansevoort Hotel over the weekend.

But the crowd’s rampant cell-phone use was wreaking havoc with the “Purple Rain” singer’s sound system.

According to the paper, the emcee’s pleas that “there may not be a show” if the fans didn’t hang up their damn cell phones fell on deaf—or at least otherwise occupied—ears.

Among those refusing to ring off included a publicist involved with the event.

Luckily, concert organizers eventually convinced the audience to turn off their phones and the show went on.

“It was so obnoxious,” a fan later told the paper. “To think a bunch of idiots can’t exist without their precious cells for an hour.”

Yeah; a bunch of show-bizzers gluing their ears to their phones despite explicit instructions not to—it’s practically unthinkable.

It’s a good thing Naomi Campbell wasn’t among the famous faces at the event. Prince wouldn’t want to run into her when she’s agitated and has a cell phone in her hand.