Rachel Zoe: The Celebuzz Interview

“Wow, do I sound like that every day?” Rachel Zoe asks, discussing the experience of watching herself on television. “Do those words really come flying out of my mouth?”

Yes, the infectious Zoeisms that are so brief but contain volumes of subtext, such as “I Die” or “Shut It Down.”

Whatever shortcuts Zoe can take, the better. The tiny blond is responsible for dressing an army of red-carpet beauties,  starring in her own reality show, moonlighting as an author and expanding her empire with original designs.

“Busy? I really don’t know how to be any other way,” she admits, sitting down with Celebuzz on the eve of The Rachel Zoe Project’s season finale.

“I need to work. I need to be moving. I need my brain to be stimulated,” Zoe said.

There’s certainly enough grist for her well-heeled mill. Zoe’s main gig as celebrity stylist finds her shrouding some of the most-talked-about actresses, like Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson.

“I think the women that I work with every day, [they make me] want to get up in the morning. Everything I look at I think, Oh my God, I can’t wait to put that on Cameron! Kate Hudson needs to wear this!” Zoe said.

Then there are those clients that, due to bad boys or high profile families, have fixed sets of eyes on them, practically demanding a hand like Zoe’s.

Take Anne Hathaway, who has been showing decidedly sophisticated looks since her recent bout of man trouble.

“You grow up, and you grow up in this business,” Zoe noted of Hathaway. “I think that’s the place she is at now in her career, it’s that time for her to really shine as a movie star…. She has such innate beauty, it’s like, why not wear these beautiful dresses?”

Then there are the Jennifer Garner types—those that are paid attention because of former boyfriends, and their husband’s ex-girlfriends, and their child’s every playground visit.

“Jen is so grounded,” Zoe says, “such an amazing woman. She’s like super-mom. That’s her priority.”

And when it comes back to the red carpet, Zoe tells us that Garner is someone “we do things very outside of the box for,” and is “always the best version of herself.”

Garner’s best self is pregnant once again, and taking a little “breather,” putting fashion to the back burner and family up front.

When push comes to shove, Zoe says that for the odd appearance she and Jen have decided on “yummy sweaters she can wear in her everyday life.”

Speaking of, Zoe has found that after the Bravo cameras left her home and studio, life went right back in order.

She and husband Rodger Berman “really are such normal people. Now the show is airing and we just exist…my work is my priority, he’s busy at his job, we have our lives, and it’s business as usual.”

All that work looks more like pleasure. And will Zoe please viewers with a second round of her Project?

“If they ask me, I’m in, “she said.

In regards to renewal, Bravo had no official comment at this time.