The Beckhams’ Servants Clean Them Out

Like so many other celebrities, David and Victoria Beckham are discovering that it’s hard to find good help these days.

British newspaper the Sun reports that the couple’s housekeepers, Eric and June Emmett, have been arrested for allegedly pilfering the Beckhams’ treasures from their British “Beckingham Palace” mansion and hawking them on eBay.

The Emmett’s 25-year-old son, Gareth, was also arrested in connection with the suspected scam.

The items that the Emmetts—who’ve been employed by the Beckhams for more than a decade—are believed to have swiped include the football gear of Beckham spawn Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

The alleged scam was uncovered by Victoria’s parents, Tony and Jackie Adams, after they discovered familiar items up for sale on the auction site. When they went to the Beckham manse to investigate, they discovered that the items being offered were missing, and police were contacted.

“They are both very shaken,” a friend tells the paper of the soccer star and the former Spice Girl. “The idea someone has been rifling through their personal possessions is bad enough, but to think it is allegedly people they trusted so much is even more horrific.”

Silly Becks; they should consult this celebrity couple for hints on how to keep the domestic staff in line.