‘Twilight 2: Vampire Boogaloo’ Is in the Works

Good news, Twilight fans! Your rabid anticipation for the upcoming vampire flick has already virtually guaranteed a sequel.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Summit Entertainment CEO Rob Friedman “is already talking a Twilight sequel—even though the vampire tween/tween movie isn’t set for release until November 21st.”

Among the reasons for Friedman’s enthusiasm is the fact that the movie’s soundtrack, despite not being released until November 4, is already in Amazon’s Top 5 Best Selling Albums based on pre-sales. Also nudging the decision is the enthusiasm for Twilight’s latest trailer, which logged 3.5 million views less than 48 hours after its online release.

The green icing on the cake may be Twilight’s merchandising potential; according to Deadline Hollywood, the flick has the fastest-selling licensed merchandise since the Harry Potter film franchise. (Presumably, this won’t include a line of hair-care products endorsed by Twilight star Robert Pattinson).

Looks like Pattinson won’t have to resort to busking to make a living after all. The bad news? The world might not be getting as much Spunk Ransom as it can swallow.